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Microblading   $450

The smallest hair strokes for a natural looking brow. Get perfect brows that will never wash off!

Soft Powder Fill   $400

The SofTap method gently mimics the look of topical makeup and can add density to sparse brows. 

Ombré Brow   $450

Multi color shading is used to create a natural looking brow with a soft powdery look.

Microblade / Soft-Fill Combo   $450

A combination of the density building powder brow with thin, natural microbladed hair strokes to create a full and authentic eyebrows.



Eyeliner  $375

Save yourself time and hassle in the morning with permanent eyeliner. We will work together to find the perfect width and wing for your liner. 

Eyelash Enhancement $350

A more subtle version of eyeliner sits close to the lash line, creating the illusion of fuller lashes!


Ready for the brows of your dreams?