SofTap Eyebrows

The SofTap method has been found to be a gentle, time tested method of cosmetic tattooing. Pigment is deposited into the uppermost layer of skin with a tapping motion. The technique is inspired by ancient forms of tattooing that have been used for hundreds of years. Add more time to your day with perfect permanent eyebrows that won't wash off.

SofTap Eyebrow Techniques

Powder Fill

The Powder Fill most resembles topical makeup. It can be used alone or with either SofTap or microbladed hair strokes for a more natural look. The technique can also be used to fill brows that don't need a full eyebrow procedure. The Soft Fill can add dimension to any brow.

Hair stroke

The Hair Stroke SofTap Brow is a gentler method than microblading but retains the more natural appearance of individual hairstrokes. The SofTap method will not achieve the fineness of microblade hair strokes but will still look more natural than the Powder Fill Brow alone. 


A combination of techniques can be used to achieve the best results for your dream brows. Soft Fill can be combined with Hair Strokes and Microblading to create a dimensional looking brow.




Proper After-Care will ensure that your brows heal with the best results possible.

  • Avoid direct water to the procedure area for 10 days
  • Do not use cleansers or chemicals on the procedure area for 10 days
  • Clean the procedure area by gently patting the area with a damp non-woven guaze
  • Do not use topical make up product on or near the procedure area for 10 days
  • Apply Aquafor lightly with a clean q-tip twice a day for 3 days after the procedure
  • Do not pick at scabs--this could pull out pigment. They will flake off on their own

What is the Healing Process Like?

Here is what you can expect during the healing process, and the feelings that may come with it:

Day 1

My brows are perfect! Just a tad dark...

Day 2-4

They're too dark and thick, what happened?!

Day 5-8

Ew, my eyebrows are starting to flake and scab...

Day 9-11

Where did they go? My brows have completely fallen off!

Day 12-28

They're slowly coming back, but they're patchy...

Day 42 (After Touch-Up)

My brows are perfect!




Get ready at the speed of light!